We are pleased to share with you this news that makes us very proud because we have achieved the objectives we have set ourselves since the beginning of the development of our intelligent generation of documents and forms iberDok

With the perseverance and effort made by all the members of the iberDok team, we have managed, with barely four years in the market, to break into one of the most prestigious quadrants in the CCM (Customer Communications Management) market.

The English consultancy firm Aspire, after an analysis of the functionalities, usability, behaviour and user experience, has identified us as the product with the best capabilities in the field of ‘Communication Composition’ of those marketed in Spain.

iberDok reaches the highest level in Spain in the field of ‘Communication Composition’ in the quadrant of the English consulting firm

Every year, Aspire Leaderboard sets up a league table that allows potential buyers to compare suppliers of communication management solutions with their customers. This year, it has placed iberDok on this list as one of the leading solutions in this industry.

Large financial, industrial or public administration entities are already using iberDok and will gradually incorporate more of it thanks to the benefits that iberDok brings to the management of communications.