Do you want to give your customers access to their pre-contractual policy documentation anytime, anywhere?

Sign and contract it from any device, including collecting their verbal consent, with complete security and legal validity?

And to have an agent who will resolve any doubts and guide you visually throughout the process?

Discover how to use technology as a commercial strategy to approach your customers to obtain completely digital, simple, safe and efficient processes.

The Insurance sector is devoting important efforts to evolve its sales towards digital models, looking for omnicanal contacts that provide the best Customer Experience and are complementary to the classic channels.

At the same time, it needs to update processes, placing the client at the centre of its activity: identifying its position digitally, providing product quotes in a simple way, solving processes and management by incorporating electronic or digital signatures and accompanying them at all times with the specialised support appropriate to their needs.


Optimization of digital sales processes to improve resource performance and customer satisfaction and experience.


We design solution approaches with contrasting technological and methodological pieces to generate strategic impact in organizations.

Together with our partners, Aliaslab and Unblu, we provide an integrated solution to facilitate the digital conversion of contracts, and any other insurance process, in a transparent, simple and completely secure way.

Our client requests the contracting of its policy through the Web or App
Fill in your details using the various forms that collect your personal and confidential information to identify the characteristics of the good or service to be insured and to be able to simulate the premium and coverage conditions to be provided.
iberDok generates all the pre-contractual documentation for the client, which can be shown on your device and downloaded.
The customer reads the proposed commercial offer and proceeds to its digital signature, accepting the terms of the offer.
Finally, the client authenticates his identity by means of a video call that the system makes automatically, and gives his verbal consent for the issuance of the policy.


Enrichment of interaction through the possibility of assistance from an adviser throughout the recruitment process in different forms

-chat, video, co-navigation, drawing and highlighting, etc.-.

The insurance company has achieved real-time contracting, with the consequent reduction in time and using the best digital experience, a decisive aspect in increasing its sales and being a leader in its sector.
Communication on an E2E process has been facilitated, 100% digitally.
All legal guarantees are met while avoiding trips to offices and unnecessary paperwork.


If a customer is detected to have been on a form for more than 20 seconds and not progressing

Video call assistance is provided.

If it is detected that a customer intends to terminate the contract

Contact with a personal agent is facilitated to resolve critical policy elements and proceed with the digital signature.
If a client is detected to be interested, but there is little time to understand and finalize the contract

A video call appointment with digital signature is provided.