Innovative technology with a customized service model

In iberDok, innovation is present in every component of the solution, from the commitment to cybersecurity and privacy to the use of blockchain to maintain data integrity. All of this is customer-oriented and deployed in a customized way with our expert support in those technical and process services that are necessary to optimize the results of customer communications management.

Documental communication consultancy

Analysis of communication flows and investigation of critical points. Definition of communication transformation roadmap.

Process definition

Identification of process steps for documentation management, distribution and application of technology in each phase.

Technology implementation and deployment

Agile deployment and integration of the technology solution, user training and support.

Monitoring and maintenance

Permanent updating of versions and new functionalities. Performance monitoring and dashboards.

iberDok + Blockchain

We have evolved iberDok with the integration of Blockchain technology, to ensure the production process and the use of documents from the origin and in the different stages, being a reference for our customers in efficiency, security and monitoring.


  • Elimination of intermediaries. The information is stored in the network as a result of the execution of a transaction or smartcontract.
  • The network validates and confirms the execution of the transaction.

  • Guarantees the inalterability of the chain and respects current regulations.

Customer Centric

New technologies, new devices and society itself mean that companies face constant challenges with customers who demand personalised communications through different communication channels.

This new situation creates the need to reinvent the customer relationship model towards a Customer Centric model that guarantees a personalised and immediate experience.

Customers must feel unique and companies must be able to anticipate their customers’ needs, avoiding generic product offers: who has not received an offer for a product that they had already contracted or that did not meet their needs? The image that is projected is that of not knowing your customer and offering them the same as the rest. By taking advantage of iberDok’s functionalities you will be able to make communications meaningful and relevant.