As we have mentioned in previous articles, customer communications are crucial for a business because, depending on the quality of these communications, companies can increase customer loyalty and trust or, if not, they can lose a considerable part of their audience.

During a customer’s Customer Journey, the customer will have different points of contact and interrelationship with companies, and it is here where these companies should put the focus on the customer and make an extra effort to provide the best services in the most convenient and simple way possible, trying to increase both their conversion rate and the loyalty and loyalty of the customers they currently have. That is why, many times, the success or failure of a company lies in the way it communicates with its customers.


Today, most customers receive hundreds of messages every day from all the channels available to them, and sometimes this can overwhelm them to the point where they switch off and ignore all messages, including those messages that are also to their liking. In order to deal with this, it is advisable that, as a company, you make an extra effort to start interacting with customers with targeted and personalised messages, trying to avoid the noise and creating added value for your communications. But how can we create personalised and optimal communications for our customers?

First of all, it is advisable not to create a standard or generic message for all customers, as each one has its own concerns, needs and preferences. In order to create personalised messages that can really connect with the customer and make them see that they are much more than just a number for the company, it is essential to find and collect as much information as possible about each customer, creating specific profiles for each of them.

To do this, IberDok has dynamic forms that allow two-way communications, so that a customer can communicate with the company and can show their data and interests through these forms and allowing the company to generate documentation and personalised communications associated with the data that the user has entered and the information that the company knows beforehand.

In this way, making use of a quality customer communications management or CCM solution such as IberDok can ensure that the consumer receives only those personalised messages that fit with the information that he himself has provided to the company, respecting his interests and preferences, improving and facilitating communication with customers and increasing the level of personalisation and, therefore, the quality of communications, as well as creating added value that allows the company to differentiate itself from the competition.

A message or notification becomes more powerful when it makes use of IberDok. Our powerful CCM solution enables companies to enhance their customer experience through personalised and relevant communications, increasing customer loyalty and creating a closer and more fruitful business-to-customer relationship. With this feature, organisations will be able to make the most of customer data and get more out of customer communications with personalised messaging and agile communication.

In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly important and demanding of companies, it’s time to start revolutionising your customer communications, and there’s no better way to do it than with IberDok.