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iberDok, creation of documents and forms for customized dynamic communications

The leading CCM (Customer Communication Management) solution for usability and efficiency

iberDok is the solution for your customer communication management needs.

It facilitates template-based document and form editing and makes it easy to integrate and reuse static and dynamic information objects.

It enables the generation of communications in the three main areas of CCM solutions:

  • On-demand generation of a communication

  • Guided, interactive editing of a document or form
  • Bulk generation of communications
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Flexible components to cover all need

The 5 iberDok components for editing, administration and generation of documents (generation engine) are designed for an autonomous and coordinated operation, which facilitates the use of each of them by different types of user profiles.

  • Template editor
  • Document editor
  • Form editor
  • Communications composition engine
  • Platform administration

Designed for all types of users

We put technology in the hands of the people and independent of IT

iberDok allows any user with office application skills to get the most out of the system, thanks to its user-friendly approach to customising communications. And it facilitates the collection of data for their use and management without the need for custom developments.

Have trusted iberDok

CCM Aspire iberdok

Aspire Leaderboard

One more year, leaders in the CCM market in Spain according to international analysts.

Each year, Aspire Leaderboard puts together a leaderboard to enable potential buyers to compare the various suppliers of customer communications management solutions. After analysing the functions, usability, behaviour and user experience of a number of products, iberDok emerged as one of the leading solutions.

iberDok at a glance

iberDok highlights

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Intelligence and innovation

Customization based on information known or entered by the user. Dynamic and intelligent communications based on business rules and data dependencies. Multi-language behaviour in documents.

Our solution’s use of advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain guarantees the best results for the organization.

Safety and accessibility

Security and auditing (organisation, users, statistics…). Ability to integrate with different types of applications and systems. High performance for large volumes of documents.

Independence with regard to the infrastructure/platform. Ready for multi-device operation. Based on state-of-the-art standards.

Follow-up of the Owasp top 10 recommendations and security of document and form integrity and the permitted actions.

seguridad documentos iberdok
iberdok customer centric

Focused on the customer (customer centric)

A customer centric model must integrate all information known about the customer and be able to access it in real time so as to create up-to-date communications.

iberDok helps companies to design unique and customized user experiences that encompass all user contact points, regardless of the channel used.

Featured publications

Case Study: EJIE – Basque Government

Public administration EJIE acquires iberDok as a cross-cutting solution for document generation in the Basque Government

iberDok + Blockchain

Integration of Blockchain technology in the document and form editor to ensure content management integrity and security.

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