Our intelligent document and form generator, iberDok, has been included by Gartner in its ‘Market Guide for CCM’ report, highlighting it among the most representative Customer Communications Management solutions in the market. This recognition comes to consolidate this document editing solution that, with barely five years in the market, has already been placed at the top of the prestigious quadrant of the Aspire consulting firm in recent years.

gartner iberdok

iberDok is an editor and generator of documents and forms aimed at organizations of all types, although it is particularly useful in sectors that, given their type of activity, have very demanding document generation needs, for example due to their high quantity. As it is an “intelligent” tool, customizable, and with an agile and simple use, it reduces the ‘time to market’ in communications with customers, saving time and costs to the users who use it. In these cases of automatic generation of large volumes of communications, iberDok also guarantees high performance.

It is also an effective tool in those organizations that have to work with different types of templates, because it allows them to integrate and reuse blocks of information and groups of data, and to generate on demand in a guided and interactive way a single document/form. iberDok templates also allow the integration of static content with variable data, and adapt their content, structure and graphic representation to the needs that arise in the organization. The generated documents are easily controllable and their security and audits (organization, users, statistics…) can also be managed.

These and other features have helped the company to grow and expand in the market, to become one of the best CCM solutions available today. As Jon Otegi, head of iberDok, explains, “our goal was to develop a product that would contribute to the corporate growth and profitability of our customers, so being recognized by Gartner as a representative supplier is an endorsement of our work and increases customer confidence in our solution”.

Gartner, the leading market research firm serving more than 14,000 clients in more than 100 countries, highlights CCM applications’ “ability to create personalized, on-demand communications that enable the delivery of multiple experiences, often based on the recipient’s preferences, rather than those of the sender.” This latter appreciation of customer-centric orientation stands out among the features of iberDok, which is also multi-language and multi-device, making this versatility and flexibility one of its most valued points by customers and users.