We respond to the needs of each sector

iberDok adapts its flexible structure to meet the needs of the sectors with the highest demand for digital transformation. Secure and personalized documents in areas where privacy is key.

Public administrations

Challenges for Public Services. New technologies, new devices and society itself mean that the public sector faces constant challenges with citizens demanding personalized documents through different communication channels.

  • Notifications, receipts, certificates
  • Processing of administrative files
  • Communications / Announcements
  • Forms for citizens

  • Annual report
  • Contracts / Invitations to tender
  • Bulletins
  • Government files
  • Expense sheets, per diems, travels, permits
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We meet the needs of the new Industry 4.0 and the documentation required in this field.
Customized communications with industrial users, customers and suppliers.

  • Contracts
  • Customized documentation and reports for your products
  • Customized marketing
  • Customer forms
  • Notifications
  • Administrative formalities
  • Inspections
  • Technical / Quality documentation
  • On-site work orders

Telecom and media

Solutions for the telecommunications and media sectors, facing constant challenges with customers and users who demand customized documents made available through different communication channels.

  • Invoices
  • Customer communication
  • Notifications
  • Dossier processing
  • Approval documentation
  • Quality documentation
  • Work reports
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sector salud iberdok ccm


We respond to the health sector’s need for communication, privacy and customization, serving medical staff, patients, families and associated organisations.

  • Discharge reports, surgical intervention, pathological anatomy, etc.
  • Medical certificates
  • Clinical forms (Barthel, Zarit, Gijón scales, etc.)
  • Baseline and progress forms
  • Professional satisfaction surveys
  • Medical test results
  • Patient forms
  • Medical records
  • Contracting services
  • Informed consents

Finance and insurance

Communication solutions and specific document generation for a sector in the midst of an unstoppable digital revolution with connected customers and a demand for omni-channel services.

  • Commercial information: consumer loans, new pension plans, change of ATM fees…
  • Simulation of loans, mailings for home/health insurance, cards, etc.
  • Customization of the offer with personalised products and prices
  • Generation of a form with the product conditions ready for the customer to sign
  • Risk files
  • Suitability / appropriateness test. MiFID regulations
  • Transactions and supporting documentation
  • Regulatory information
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Statements
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