iberDok CCM solution components

IberDok is a web solution formed by 5 related components that allow a complete management of communications and of the platform, documents and forms. The features of iberDok make its implementation, due to its independence from IT, its fast learning curve or its ability to integrate with the organization’s systems, optimize the need to generate personalized communications with customers both on demand and massively.

Template editor

Reusable content based on business rules
  • Drag&drop of paragraphs, values, data, fields…
  • Advanced design using layout tools and help

  • Centralized catalogue of marks and templates

  • No programming: No-code technology

Document editor

Automation and guidance for generating documents in any format
  • Office tool. Word processor
  • Intelligent tools to manage documents
  • Guided and interactive editing of the document customizable by template

  • Multi-language behaviour in the document

Form editor

Interactive data capture and management processor
  • Guided and interactive forms
  • Dynamic forms based on business rules
  • Look&feel customizable by customer
  • Full format or slider (step-by-step) for web integration

Platform administration

User-friendly administration console
  • General configuration
  • Organizational definition
  • Display of traceability and usage statistics
  • Bulk release planner

Communications composition engine

Composition of communications on an unattended basis
  • Multiple data sources
  • Single or bulk generation of communications
  • High processing capacity
  • Various output formats
composición de documentos


A high-performance, high-capacity solution

Flexibility / Agility

Agile and adaptable system reducing the time-to-market.

Ease and simplicity for the organization’s users.

Independence from IT in form design/maintenance.


Customized forms and documents based on information available to the organization and/or new information.

Intelligent forms and documents with rule-based behaviour and information dependencies.

Multi-language behaviour in forms and documents.


Centralized generation of documents available.

Various output formats: HTML5, PDF/a, XML…

Multichannel distribution: document manager integration (CMIS, DB…)

Web, Accessibility and Security

Infrastructure/platform independent.

Ready for multi-device operation.

Based on state-of-the-art standards.

Responsive design.

AA accessible forms.

Follow-up of the Owasp top 10 recommendations and security of document and form integrity and the permitted actions.

Advanced functionality

Question association with possible outcomes. Limited data.

Specific representation types: radio buttons, check-boxes, etc.

Action customization and integration.

Automatic information extraction.

Usability +


User interaction guided and directed by the actual document/form.

Multi-language interface.

Different interaction possibilities: form or slider.

Wizard integrated into form with progress information.

Cost reduction

Standardization of documents, forms and blocks.

Reuse of blocks and elements.

Centralization: Unified catalogue of elements.

End-user support

Global on the form.

Contextual information for each entry.

System management

Security and auditing (organization, users, statistics…)

Ability to integrate with different types of applications and systems.

High performance for high user volumes.