What do analysts value in a CCM customer communication solution?

Often business software solutions, cloud solutions and other types of business tools focus the definition of their functionalities and features on the list of elements that have been developed to perform different tasks.

But the reputation of a product or service is not so much how we define ourselves as how we are seen from the outside. At this point, the role of independent analysts plays a fundamental role.

We have already pointed out in previous meetings that once again this year we are on the panel of the Aspire Leaderboard consultancy as one of the relevant solutions when it comes to document generation, forms and omnichannel communications projects. Recently this consultancy has published a complete review of iberDok with the elements to look out for that make us stand out in the market.

At an overall level, it says the following about the solution “…Its CCM platform is very capable and has some unique approaches, particularly with regard to version management. This is done by adding a “data mark”, which can be dynamically customised and can range from something as simple as static or dynamic text, an image or a barcode, to complex interactive graphics or the incorporation of dynamic Google maps.

iberDok is completely browser-based, and the design tool comes with a modern look and feel that has all the major design features. It offers detailed conditional logic, supports different layout options, stores content snippets centrally and even has an inline visual exploration tool to find dependencies between content snippets. Users can design and move content elements in a template using drag-and-drop functions…”.

In this analyst’s evaluation, the aspects that stood out most strongly were the following:

Very capable solution, especially for simple on-demand or interactive typesetting use cases.
Affordable; an affordable but powerful solution, which at its best can outperform more established vendors.
Built on modern web technologies, it is an easy-to-use interactive and online design tool
Benefits from Ibermática’s delivery capabilities
Uses AI/ML technologies for fast content migration

Finally, the summary provided leaves no doubt about iberDok’s capability and suitability to start setting up CCM projects “…iberDok is a modern solution that comes with an outstanding graphical user interface. It is well developed and supports a broad set of features that we would normally see in more established vendors. We also like that iberDok has been an early adopter of AI and blockchain technologies. While there are use cases not yet addressed, we have no doubt that the company is an excellent choice for businesses that have direct interactive communication needs and require a more cost-effective solution than what other vendors in the market can offer.”

You can see the full summary of Aspire’s evaluation and the explanatory video by clicking on the image below.


CCM iberDok Aspire

11 February, 2021|
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