In a previous article, we outlined the main benefits that a CCM solution could provide in terms of increasing customer retention rates and the consequences of this increase in loyalty. An effective customer communications management program can help a company increase revenue by significantly increasing customer loyalty and reducing churn. A proactive, personalized and continuous commitment from the customer can generate truly positive results.

According to a Bain & Co. study, 60-80% of customers who describe themselves as satisfied do not return to do business with the company that was initially able to satisfy them. This is because, despite providing an experience, the company failed to establish a connection between itself and the customer, being unable to establish a sustainable and reciprocal relationship between both parties.

We are all aware that technology advances and evolves over time, and so do customer expectations and behavior, which is why any Customer Experience program must include a solid CCM platform to be successful. But, what are the aspects to consider when choosing a CCM platform?

Although the concept of CCM is not so new to many industries, the need for a high-performance, scalable CCM platform is. That’s why these should be the features to consider when considering different options:

  1. Experiences: CCM has evolved beyond delivering simple, general messages to provide a more positive and personalized experience for each of its customers, and that’s why an appropriate CCM must have the ability to deliver compelling experiences in a personalized way.
  2. Customization to scale: From simple SMS notification to the thousands of digital and personalized marketing communications, it is important that a CCM platform allows for automated and scalable customization, being able to support and handle different languages and local regulations.
  3. Centralized control: Another essential feature of a good CCM is that access and control of its content is managed centrally, so that it can manage its information at the business level and thus obtain a 360º view of its customers. This feature becomes even more important when working with marketing partners and when maintaining relationships with international customers.
  4. Multi-channel engagement: A good CCM solution requires that the experience is constant across all channels and that the customer can access communication using all the channels they want, since a company often depends on the execution of quality multi-channel interactions.
  5. Real-time Analysis: A quality CCM solution must benefit the company with the ability to capture and analyze how customers access their communications and what and how they respond. In this way, in addition to being able to improve its future communications, the company could also identify trends and preferences to incorporate in the development of new products.
  6. Regulations: Communications with customers within some sectors such as finance are highly regulated, even the use of fonts and designs, so keeping pace with regulatory change can be a challenge. Fragmented CCM systems open up the possibility of errors that could lead to substantial fines, and that is why we must consider this aspect carefully when choosing between different solutions.
  7.  Ecosystem: Last but not least, a proper CCM must have the ability to integrate with a wide variety of media and asset management tools, CRMs, business applications…etc. forming the core of your digital marketing strategy.

The choice of a CCM must be careful and detailed, since for the future of any business it is essential that customer relationships are personal and of a considerable quality. That’s why a CCM like IberDok can be a key element for your business to achieve the interactive and omnibus experience that customers demand today. In IberDok we take care of every detail of these aspects with the objective of offering you a CCM that can generate added value and a competitive advantage, and this is what makes us different from the rest.

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