When you choose a customer communication management (CCM) software – or any other business software, for that matter – you want solutions that are built to solve today’s problems and needs (considering the extraordinary situation we are going through with the COVID-19 global crisis), as well as future needs, such as integrability with other customer experience tools (CX) and adaptability to emerging technologies and changing customer expectations.

You want the best of both worlds: a powerful CCM solution that addresses current and urgent use cases immediately and is also designed to facilitate the transformation of your digital experience architecture for many years to come. The leaders of Enterprise CX and CX and CCM vendors are trying to prepare the future state of a fully integrated technology infrastructure, with proprietary tools, such as iberDok, and integrated.

The way forward in customer centric technology is in solutions that are both best-in-class and targeted, targeted at real-world use cases, and also composed of versatile content services that can be decoupled and used with other content creation, management and delivery applications for maximum impact and flexibility. In other words, they are solutions designed to be decoupled as needed and applied to new use cases as they emerge.

The health emergency situation and its unexpected consequences during the year 2020 have meant that the need to optimize communication based on digital interactions has taken on a presence that no analyst has foreseen at the speed that has occurred. Not because it is an urgent transformation, measures must be taken abruptly. We must consider what we want, who is going to use the technology, what type of documents and communications are going to be given and in what formats they are going to be distributed. As well as thinking about the security and integrity of the communication and documentation, of course.

What to look for when choosing a CCM tool

Therefore, the solution to meet the traditional needs of customers will be

  • Interactive (e.g. for correspondence)
  • Structured (e.g. official statements)
  • On demand (i.e. start document creation through integration with another application, such as CRM software, ERP…)
  • Secure(with the highest guarantee in the field of data protection, privacy and protection against attacks)
  • Automated (saving costs by eliminating repetitive work through the robotization of mass document generation processes)

You also need a MCC solution that allows you to think strategically about the future of your organization and the changing needs of your customers. The best MCC solution for this purpose is one that is:

  • User-oriented and IT-independent
  • Designed from service components that can be extended to other applications and among all areas of the organization
  • Ready to support the global digital transformation

Depending on the business area you are in, it is likely that you still live in a silo to some extent. But those silos are disappearing, in one way or another, in many cases forced by remote working or blended-in situations. They have to. Selecting CCM software can help you prepare for the day when the silos start to disappear, making the CCM solution an operational application that you will not have to replace.